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services we offer

PPE offers the following services:

turnkey activities

  • ME & I and Civil Construction/Erection of Industrial Plants on LSTK EPIC.
  • Construction of Pipelines viz. Process & Utility Piping System.
  • Mechanical & Process equipment erection work.
  • Supply and installation of LPG Systems.
  • Supply & installation of equipment with controls for system.
  • Construction of GRP and U-PVC Pipelines and piping work.
  • Installation of Space frames of different sizes and areas.

Mechanical, Fabrication & Piping Works

  • Design fabrication of Pressure vessels, tanks and heat Exchangers.
  • Design fabrication of Steel Structural pre-fabrication piping spools.
  • Pipe and structural bending up to size of 8” beams/pipes with profile bending
  • Cutting and bending of steel plate up to 12 mm thickness.
  • Rolling of Steel Plates up to 18 mm thick and 2500 mm width.
  • Fabrication of Fuel storage tanks single and double shell.
  • Fabrication of Crane Girder and beams as per clients requirement.
  • Fabrication of Heat Exchangers and Re-tubings.
  • Fabrication and Installation of SS Hand rails

cathodic protection works

  • Design, supply, installation and testing of Sacrificial Anode or Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System ( for all Industrial Requirement (Onshore & Offshore).
  • Monthly Monitoring and Providing with necessary mitigation & rectification for Maintenance Requirement for Safeguarding Cathodic Protection System on protected structures (Enhancing or Maintaining Assets Design Life with respect to corrosion).
  • Interference / Stray Current Study (AC/DC Mitigation) for Foreign Pipeline or Power Cable Crossing Cathodically Protected Pipelines or Structures.
  • Assets Integrity Surveys Like CIPS (Close Interval Potential Survey) & DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey) to pin point the coating failure on Cathodically Protected pipeline or structures.
  • Other surveys Like on-off Survey, PCM (Pipeline Current Mapping), CAT (Current Attenuation Testing), etc.

coating, insulation, waterproofing & scaffolding works

  • Blasting and Coating of Tanks, Vessels, Piping Structural and equipment as per the client specifications including special coatings.
  • Supply Installation of Cold/Hot Thermal Installation for pipes/ducts and equipment as per the drawing and specification.
  • Design, Supply and Installation of scaffoldings as per the requirement of the project.
  • Application of Fire Proof Coating.
  • Water Proofing Works.

electrical & instrumentation works

  • Electrical and Instrument cabling work.
  • Supply and erection of equipment, testing & Commissioning
  • Supply, installation of Electrical, Instrumentation Panels
  • Electrical maintenance and turn around schedules.

Fabrication, Mechanical & Piping works

  • Fabrication and Erection of Heavy Structural
  • Supply, Erection of Equipment including Tanks and Vessels.
  • Fabrication and Installation of Piping.
  • Mechanical Maintenance and turn around Schedules
  • Erection of PEB Structure and Cladding Work
  • Erection of EOT cranes, including crane girders.
  • SS Hand railing & Balustrades, Scaffolding materials, GRP/FRP piping

civil & structural works

  • Construction of Stadium
  • Construction of School Buildings
  • Construction of Petrol Stations
  • Construction of Industrial Buildings
  • Erection of PEB and Roof Claddings
  • Construction of Equipment Foundation
  • Manhours Projects
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) & Engineering, Procurement, Insulation & Commissioning (EPIC)
  • Erection of Steel structures for PEB's, pipe racks, pipe/equipment supports, girders of overhead cranes, etc.